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Why do I need this?

Most email clients cap attachment sizes, sometimes as low as 5 MB. Even if yours doesn't, the person you are sending to may do, so your attachments might not get received.

You can avoid this problem by uploading your files through us. We send a download link instead of an attachment so it won't get blocked.

With the average size of a file increasing, many businesses and individuals can now benefit from an online browser based fileshare, to transfer big files for them.

File sharing simplified

You don't need an FTP server anymore to transfer big files. With, you can upload these files directly to us and we do all the hard work of getting them to your family, friends, colleagues or clients.

Simply add your files, enter your email addresses and click send. Once the file or files have been uploaded we mail you and your recipients a download link.

Security is our priority

We take confidentiality very seriously, with all connections happening over 128-bit encryption and download URLs that are impossible to guess.

Files expire and are deleted after 7 days, so you don't have to worry about your files lingering in the cloud.

Ahead of the game

We've increased our upload size limit to 4 GB at no cost, while other file transfer platforms limit you to 2 GB.

Furthermore, you can upload up to 50 GB every single day.

Introducing the File Bucket

We've created file buckets so that you can create a central online location to collaborate with people. Once you've created a bucket, you and other people that you share the bucket with can upload and download files to and from it.

Find out more

If you're still not convinced, or need help using our service, please click here to read more, or visit the upload page to start sending files.